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 Not checked this out yet but its a bit of Triva to mull over and some of the colour codes.

 What is a NOS part?

New old stock (abbreviated NOS) refers to obsolete equipment, or original parts for obsolete equipment, that have never been sold at retail.

The term refers to merchandise being offered for sale which was manufactured long ago but that has never been used.
Such merchandise may not be produced anymore, and the new old stock may represent the only current market source of a particular item.


Other Citroen DS Information

  • The Citroen DS carries a power to weight ratio of 0.0667 PS/kg   (Not checked if this is for the 19, 20, 21 or 23)
  • The Passenger space within the Citroen DS is 5590 litres (1469,62 gallons)
  • If you possess a tendency to get lost a good deal or just commonly turn around a good deal, you should probably know that the turning circle of the Citroen DS is 11 m (36feet)  .
  • The dimensions of the Citroen DS from the Citroen Repair Manual Vol.1.
    Width  1.803m  (5ft 11ins)
    Height  1.47m   (59,90 inches)
    Length   4.874m (15feet 11 7/8 inches)
    Wheel base 3.125m (10feet 3inches)
  • Unladen weight 1340Kg


Special colors for the engines and hydraulics
(model years 1956 until 1975)

color code name model year
AC209* Noir Black (barrel and spheres) 56-66
AC209 Noir Black (chassis Berline) 56-75
AC129 Gris Machine Outil Grey (hydraulic)* 56-66
AC136 Gris Ros? Grey Pink (chassis Break) 60-75
AC502 Vert Green (all hydraulic parts) 67-75
AC501 Vert Green (engine, gearbox) 56-75

*) Special paint, resistent to the LHS2 hydraulic oil and was used for the mechanical parts of the hydraulic system.


Wheel colours

color code name model year
AC 140 Gris            Grey
AC 604 Bleu Nuage Sky Blue
AC 136 Gris Rose    Grey Pink
AC 102 Blanc Paros White
AC 140 Gris            Grey

Other colours:
Headlights :
we have matched the plastic from an original (still in it's Citroen bag) access door panel and this is as good as we could match it:

using RAL7044 Silk Grey (Gris soie) (Seidengrau) total weight 655gm/lt as the base colour then add; 
NM62 white 1.2gm/lt
NM33 Yellow 15.85gm/lt
NM01 Black 7.68gm/lt

Which tyres:
The initial Citroen DS and ID fitted the 165x400 Michelin X radial tyre.

The first major change in tyre fitment occurred in 1966 during Michelin's ownership of Citroen when they took the unique step of fitting a 180x15 at the front of the car and a smaller 155x15 or 165x15 at the rear,
(as far as is known they are the only car legally allowed to do such a thing in the UK!)

The later cars fitted a 180x15 or 185x15 Michelin XAS all round.

The recommendation is to fit the 180HR15 Michelin XAS on pre 73 DS and ID Citroen's, as these tyres were designed for these cars.(if you can get them as they are out of production). 
Still produced are the 180x15 XVS which has a re-enforcing bead on it.