Items for sale

(5) DS23 for parts


in the paddock
The DS23 remains in the Paddock

Just a little rusty
Just a little rusty. repair this?

On the trailer
loaded on the trailer ready to go

On the pallet
Load onto a pallet ready to moved around to cut up. After we arrived back from picking it up

Engine bay
The engine bay and what's left of it.

A bit later
Later that afternoon this is all thats left of the middle of the car

Still to strip down
we kept the back end to get all the rest of the suspension arms off it

taking it away
The end of the day for this lot. All gone in one day. Goodbye to S/N01FG6878

front bit
All that is left of the front of the car. An engine and Auto gearbox safely tucked away in the pallet rack.