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(7) 1972 D Special Barn Find


The Big 6
The owner of the D Special Loved Citroens and these are his pictures of his earlier Citroens. His first one was the Big 6.

03 citroen big 6
The Big 6 getting ready to have the engine taken out

The Lift
Lifting the enine out. Love the wooden tripod and the ropes. Real Big 6 days.

All back together
All back together again. What a wonderful picture of the Big 6

The doner car
The engine was taken from this one and it was left in the back garden.

The Doner car leaving on a trailer with the old engine.

The next Citroen
After the Big 6. The first of the D's.

Now there are 2
The grey one is in the Background and another one has been added to the family

The Safari
The family always wanted a safari wagon. This was taken about 1979. The green car sat there until only about 4 or 5 years ago. It had sunk into the ground and was full of weeds growing through it. A man knocked on the door wanting to know if it was for sale and Dad said he could have it if he took all the bits and pieces (windscreens, doors etc) that were lying around too. I'm just glad we didn't have to try and move it now.

Another Safari
This one was the pride and Joy of the owner toether with the D Special (still to come)

The cars
Three of the cars in the back garden. This photo was taken about 1981.

All the cars 1981
This is a picture of all the cars, taken about 1981. This is the first picture of the D Special I bought. it is on the left side of the picture

The D Special
This is a picture of the D Special when it was being used by the family.

Another view
The D Special from the back right side.

With a Vintage car
The D Special beside the cousin's car. The cousin does up veteran cars.

With the Safari
In the back garden with the Safari

After 9 years
The shed doors are opened after being closed for 9 years with the D Special inside.

The D Special comes out after 9 years in the garage.

In the Garden
More views of the car after it came out of the garage.

Left Front
Another view in the garden showing the left front of the car

Leaving Melbourne 1
leaving melbourne to come to Sydney.

Citroen 2
Leaving Melbourne 2

Citroen 3
Leaving Melbourne 3

Citroen 6
Leaving Melbourne 4

Engine bay
After 9 years this is what the engine bay looks like

Sydney 1
Arriving in Sydney on the semi-trailer

Sydney 2
Good view of how it was strapped to the Semi-trailer. excellent service from Tristate transport and a good price.

warehouse 1
Driven off the semi-trailer and into the warehouse at work

warehouse 2
Looking from the front

Started to can the car and cut the paintwork. Looks a little happier with abit of a shine starting to appear.

another view of the polished bits