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Still going.. A few delays...

Posted: 01/02/2013 10:04:17 PM
I was looking at the last time I updated the site and news on the cars and it was years ago.. where has the time gone?

Since the last time I wrote, the 1973 D Special I bought is by now melted down to begin life as a toaster...
I do have the engine and parts from it as it was stripped of all recoverable parts before the melting pot.

The 1972 D Special from Melbourne is heading off to the panel beaters on the 1st of March to have the the top rail around the roof fixed up and the boot painted as quite honestly I don't want to get in there and do it.

It has been steam cleaned and it is in truly amazing condition, (photos added to the gallery) Once it comes back then all the wheel areas will be overhauled and new rubbers fitted with reconditioned pistons and bump stops so it's all like new.
The steering rack is off to the UK for a replacment and the engine is going to be stripped then balanced and rebuilt.
I am going to change the pistons and barrels to a 21 (just coz I can) and everyone I talk to maintains it makes the engine so much better.

all the body panels are off to redistrip to take them back to bare metal and then a full repaint in its original colour.

So I have been doing little bits here and there over the time and have not lost interest, with three little kids and their schooling as well as the wife finding a new house then moving, so all the cool plans I had for the D's have been delayed more then orginally planned.

The DS23 Is being driven as a daily drive right now and what a joy it is despite needing it's bottem ends replaced.

As the 72 is now fully back on track, I am going to try to post more pictures of it's progress.

Lets hope I can add more and not leave it for yet another year or two.


Waiting for parts

Posted: 03/05/2011 11:46:33 PM

Waiting for parts to arrive from overseas to begin putting the DS23 back together and some finally arrived today...

Looks like this week end will be busy refitting all the bits I have pulled off. Lots more cleaning, as well as looking for leaks and broken/split parts while refitting. 

No matter how hard you try there is always something you did not notice till you go to reassemble it all.

Parts for the 72 D Special have also started to arrive and come back from being polished or plated in some way, so I will have to get on cleaning the parts going back on, rear lights, reversing lights all need a good clean and polish.  Progress is good just the same.

5 new YES! NEW! Michelin 180HR15XAS tyres arrived from Melbourne and will be fitted to the 72 D Special with its XAS's going on the DS23. It might seem a bit strange doing this but the 72 is such a truely original car it needs to be restored properly with all the right parts.

 More pictures are being added to the gallery showing some of the work going on.

Update on the progress

Posted: 31/03/2011 6:31:16 PM

I have been a bit slow on updating the website as work and other events in ones life (Children... School) have taken proirity.

The garage now has the 1975 DS23 Pallas Auto, a 1973 D Special and a 1972 D Special.
Most of the pictures of the cars are in the picture gallery on the site

 I am writing another page for each of the cars and will see if I can keep the restoration of the cars updated as I go.
 Nothing has stopped, the work goes on despite me being slack and not updating the website.

The DS23 has had all the fuel injection gear stripped off it and sent out to be "Vapour Blasted" (WOW! what an amazing result, has to be seen to be believed.) as well as having some parts chromed and cleaned and then even more cleaning.

The parts needed to reassemble have been ordered and when they arrive I will refit it all and get the car back on the road.
I won’t be doing much more to this one for a while as its quite neat not concourse but nice.

The 1973 D Special is sitting in grandma’s Garage and in all honesty it’s a right royal mess.
I have given it a once over and the “C” pillars and windscreen supports have the rust trolls teeth marks all through it as well as a hole in the boot floor.

Plans are to get the DS23 back on the road and then bring this one over and strip it back to see if its worth cutting the rust out or cutting it up. The engine and gearbox appear to be good as I have driven it down the road, seats are stuffed, so far looks like the doors are dead as well ….
MMM maybe get another chassis?

Will make that decision in about 4 week’s time when I get it somewhere I can strip it down and see just how bad it is under the panels with the doors off, the trim off and the roof off as its half off already.

The 1972 D Special I bought on forum and bought it up from Melbourne and have stripped off the back end and roof to start the restoration and its an amazing car.

The only rust is a little along the edge of the roof gutter and the steel strip crimped around the fiberglass roof. The “C” pillars have no rust at all and there is none anywhere else on the chassis, not even in the back bumper support holes.

The roof has been sent off to a fiberglass restorer, the back bumper is out being polished.

I bought a sand blasting cabinet from “Hare&Forbes” for $190.00 and 25Kg of glass bead for another $45, it is big enough to put a DS rim in it to blast them and have the best wheels in town.

I have also started to blast the fittings from the bumper bar and the back wing support ready for painting and cadmium plating. I will also use it to blast some of the chassis which needs to be repainted.
I will add pictures to the gallery of the work as it progresses.
More soon. 

D Special 1973

Posted: 06/02/2011 10:32:16 PM

Managed to get away from the kids for a couple of hours to start checking out the D Special. 

The serial number is 08FD1592 and it's a 1974 D Special, 4 speed manual gearbox.
More pictures have been added to the gallery.

The two front wings have been taken off as well as the  radiator air guide.
There is no visible rust around the front of the chassis, but I am not counting on it, once I get the doors, back wings, side sill covers, all the mats and insulation off and can see the full extent of the rust it's just a dream to think it is reasonably free of rust.

Parts are slowly being acquired for the DS23 and now for the D Special.

I am looking for a set of body panels for the D Special.



D Special and Parts 73

Posted: 06/02/2011 1:14:03 AM

I Just cannot help myself! I now have a D Special to live with my DS23.

See it here.The D Special

I was told about it by Philippe (Black DS)  and after some questions passed back and forth we went to where it was living in Gosford about 90Km North of Sydney.
We wanted to be ready to bring it back so we hitched up a car trailer and off we went.

When we first saw it, OMG!  what a mess! every panels is badly rusted and there is a hole in the boot over the rear sphere mount allthough the area under the rear torsion bar is rust free.
(MMM could be the only rust free part of the whole car)

The engine started easily (jerry can on the roof and gravilty fed fuel. don't trust using the tank without a clean) and she came up on  her hydraulics it was then driven onto the car trailer.
The key only turns on the ignition then a spanner was used to short the contacts on the starter solinoid to get it running.

Once it arrived in Sydney it was again started and driven off the trailer, down the road and into Grandma's garage, where it will live for a while.

I will be pulling the doors and wings off over the weekend and to get an idea of how the rest of the chassis looks, from there we can make a decision as to restoring it or cutting it up.

I will also get all the serial number off it and see if we can start to track down it's history, also add more pictures to the gallery.

I guess you get what you pay for and for $1715.00 its still good for parts even if the chassis is too far gone.

Spare Parts!
Many, many thanks go to Steve for his generosity and Michael for his help and efforts in coordinating the day to pick up the remains of S/N 01FG6878.
It was originally a DS23 Automatic and all that was left was the engine, gearbox, drive shafts and some other bits.

It was another trip back to near Gosford where the D Special came from except this one had to be dragged onto the trailer by brute force as there were no wheels on it.
Once we got it back to Sydney it was dragged onto a pallet and then moved around with the fork lift.
A few hours after arriving the front of the car was cut off, the middle of the car was in small chunks and the engine and gearbox ae now living in the warehouse.

See all the pictures here.The DS23 engine.